Camerawork: Make The Most Of This Summer By Kindling Your Inner Photographer

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This summer is proving to be a beautiful one so far. Heatwaves up and down Europe and America are proving to give citizens of the world a universally beautiful, yet sweltering summer. It’s important that you take this time to spend as much time as possible outside. Not only will the vitamin D invigorate and refresh your immune system, but you’ll be able to party like partying was going out of fashion, and wear your summer wardrobe without any fear of the weather taking a turn for the worse.

In order to pay respect to the beautiful summer, this might be the time to pick up a fantastic new hobby. What better way to have a reason to explore and adventure than picking up photography? Armed with an impressive camera, you will be able to train yourself to see the world in a new light. A photographer’s eye is one of reverence, noticing fine details and points of interest in the environment that only someone trying to see would see.

The natural and human worlds are both equal in beauty, but require various methods to truly capture in the best light. Here are a few methods of how you could take photos in creative ways, paying respect to the summer that you love so dearly.

Helicopter Rides

If you want a perfect city panoramic, you’re going have to invest in the shot. Choose your perfect time on your perfect night and pay for a quick helicopter ride over the city. You’ll be able to get unparalleled views that allow you to explore your depiction of the city in an incredible, visually striking way.


A drone is a cameraman’s best friend. Equipped with a drone, you’ll be able to achieve views that you never originally thought possible. With a great degree of fine tuning and nuance in angle and height, you’ll be able to produce any shot you’ll want. With the right drone, the only limit is your imagination. This review of the best drones under 200 dollars will allow you to get all the benefits of a drone without having to pay over the odds for it. Who said photography had to be overly expensive?

Running Groups

If you’d like a fresh, natural view of the city or reserve you live in, you should join a running group and bring along a camera that’s impervious to wear and tear. A GoPro or similar product would be useful. When running with a group, you’ll be able to notice details in the environment that are only noticeable when under heavy exercise tensions. It sounds strange to say, but it’s true. Your mind is working at a different capacity when under exercise stress, and this is conducive to positive, creative output. See for yourself. Remember when running outside, be sure to hydrate yourself accordingly.

Festival Photography

If you want to celebrate, why not volunteer as a festival photographer? Not only will you gain access to the event for a discounted or free rate, but you’ll be able to have unprecedented access to the stage areas and beyond. Plus, you’ll have some cracking shots for your portfolio if you choose to develop the hobby further.

The summer is in full bloom and just waiting for you to photograph it. What are you waiting for?

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