BBQ Your Pizza With BakerStone

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Ever want to enjoy an outdoor pizza party in your backyard? Well if so, welcome to the world of BakerStone. BakerStone provides specialized and innovative cooking and baking products for accessible gourmet culinary experiences.  Utilizing state-of-the-art methods and the highest-quality refractory materials, BakerStone provides an authentic wood-fired brick oven experience to the at-home consumer. BakerStone transforms your home cooked meals into an evening of culinary creations and epicurean entertaining.

BakerStone is thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new product that will forever transform the at-home pizza cooking experience. Beginning mid-March, consumers will be able to find the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box in the US market at Bed Bath & Beyond and select Do It Best retailers with roll-outs earlier this month at London Drugs and Home Hardware in Canada.

BakerStone’s patent-pending design raises the temperature of outdoor gas grills to that of a real wood-fired brick oven, reaching temperatures of 600-800° F.  By fusing a remarkable cooking chamber made of refractory stone surrounded by a unique air flow system to utilize convective, conductive and radiant heat, BakerStone’s Pizza Oven Box achieves unparalleled baking and cooking performance. The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box bakes not only pizza, but is also great for baking breads and cookies, as well as roasting meat, fish and vegetables.

“I have been cooking and inventing since the age of twelve,” explains Tim Case, Founder of BakerStone. “Combining my passion for gourmet food and engineering, it was exciting to see this product come to life.”

The BakerStone product line-up is exciting, affordable, imaginative and forward thinking. Present versions of the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box include:   The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box (MSRP $129.00 USD) available in the US at Bed Bath and Beyond,  Do it Best, and inCanada at London Drugs, Home Hardware;  The BakerStone Basics Pizza Oven Box (MSRP $99.00 USD) will soon be available at retailers in the US and in Canada; The BakerStone Pro Pizza Oven Box (MSRP $199.00 USD) available at select Costco locations early this summer; and additionally, a full assortment of BakerStone Pizza Utensils including Pizza Peels, Cutters and Turners, will be available later this year.  Currently in development is The BakerStone Commercial Series Pizza Oven Box for restaurants and caterers that cannot accommodate large pizza ovens (MSRP TBD).

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Source: BakerStoneBox

14 Comments Add yours

  1. bakesinslippers says:

    that grill looks amazing, but a grilled pizza is one of the best things ever


  2. Victoria says:

    The grill looks amazing. I didn’t even know you could grill pizza until now.


  3. Wow!! This is so cool..never heard of this before but sure could use one. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Jessica P says:

    This is really neat! We are getting our grill in a few days and would love to have something like this.


  5. tara pittman says:

    I love my pizza stones in the oven so once my husband gets a new grill I will try using them on the grill.


  6. Charity L. says:

    Sounds good. Never done my pizza on the grill before.


  7. What a very cool idea! I have never heard of this before, but I cannot wait to try it. I’ll bet it tastes SO much better than restaurant pizza too.


  8. Sydney says:

    Mmmm grilled pizza is the best! I can’t justify buying this for myself…but maybe as a gift for my husband 😉 thank you for sharing


    1. bakesinslippers says:

      i agree, grilled pizza is amazing


  9. That’s awesome. I do grill pizza, and this would make it a lot easier to control!


    1. Elaine, I have never grilled pizza before but I know it is on my agenda. My new favorite right now is smoking ribs on my BBQ despite having a gas grill. #GrillSkills


  10. Amanda @ Adorkablii says:

    This is something I need in my life. We love pizza in my house and this would be amazing! I love that we would be able to have pizza without turning in the oven!!


  11. Amanda @ Adorkablii says:

    This is something I need in my life!! What i love is that we would be able to have pizza in the summer without having to order or turn the oven on!


  12. Jen says:

    This is awesome and so perfect for summer! I might just have to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond soon – very soon!


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