Movie Review: Unforgiven (1992)


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Very Good. This was an old school recommendation by one of our most consistent followers Grino that slipped through the cracks for me.  I was too busy reading comic books and playing kick the can to be interested in an Oscar winning Western, but now I’m in a much different stage in my life to appreciate this very good movie.

First off how can you not like a bad a$$ republican like Clint Eastwood?  The story is about a no nonsense outlaw coming out of retirement to bring vengeance for a big bounty to a couple of punks the beat up a woman real bad. You have a solid story that moves along at a good pace with some serious star power which the Mobile Movie Man always likes. Now I’m not a big fan of westerns, although I do love Young Guns, and Tomb Stone. I guess its probably the same reason I really don’t like country music either. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I went to college and didn’t bang my father’s sister. Either way this movie is brilliant on every level and it’s a no brainier that this won for best picture. Most of you I’m sure have already seen this, but if there are any of you out there that have not seen this… are doing yourself a disservice by not seeing this.  So definitely check this one out and thank me later. Thanks again Grino for the solid recommendation and please keep the good one coming.


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  1. Melissa Smith says:

    This is one of my husbands favorite movies! Definitely one of Clint Eastwood’s best performances!


  2. tara pittman says:

    A movie with guns is one that all my boys would love. Clint Eastwood makes it good too.


  3. American Punjaban PI says:

    I remember this movie. It got a bit of publicity because of Eastwood. I didn’t watch it though, it’s not my genre.


  4. Paula Parker says:

    I haven’t seen Unforgiven. It sounds like I need to check it out sometime. I used to watch Dirty Harry movies as a kid. Eastwood can certainly act. Thanks for the recommendation.


  5. My Father in Law would be all about this movie. Thanks for the tip!


  6. I have actually never heard of this movie, but would love to watch it now!


  7. jonathanmcmullen says:

    Clint Eastwood is a cowboy but his views make him a disgusting person. That said, his movies are great.


  8. Adding this to my must-watch list. Thanks for the recommendation.


  9. Jen says:

    I actually have never seen it so I really appreciate your review! I am going to have to check it out!


  10. I have never seen this movie. To be honest, I don’t think I ever will. Guns are not my thing he he he.


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