5 Tips For Learning Basic Car Repairs

Owning a car can be expensive, but for many people it is an essential part of life. You need to drive in order to get to work, go to the grocery store, and pick your kids up from school. But there are so many costs associated with your vehicle.

Owning a car can be expensive, but for many people it is an essential part of life. You need to drive in order to get to work, go to the grocery store, and pick your kids up from school. But there are so many costs associated with your vehicle.

As well as the cost of the car itself, you also have to fork out for insurance and tax on a yearly basis. Not to mention the constant need for fuel, the price of which has skyrocketed in recent months due to the impacts of the war in Ukraine. You’d be forgiven for wondering whether it’s worth having a car at all. 

Fortunately there are numerous ways even the most cash-strapped individual can save money on their vehicle. For a start, you can cut your fuel costs by shopping around to find the best deals and driving in a more fuel-efficient manner. But an easy cost to eliminate is the need for maintenance and repair.

Most drivers know very little about how their car actually works. They use it every day to get from A to B, but have no idea about the complicated mechanics going on all around them. You probably take your car in for an inspection and service regularly, and visit a mechanic whenever you have an issue. But this always comes at a high price. An auto repair garage, such as Ace Auto Repair, will quite rightly always charge you for their time and labor, as well for the costs of individual parts, and this can mean you end up paying more than you’d expect.

But more often than not, the jobs these mechanics are carrying out on your vehicle are relatively simple, and could be learned by any novice with a little instruction. By teaching yourself some basic auto repair skills, you can eliminate the need to pay for a mechanic, and save yourself some serious money down the line.

To get you started, here are a few tips for learning basic car maintenance.

Start small

If you have no experience with auto repairs, then you shouldn’t begin with attempting to change your timing belt or customize your engine. It’s best to start small, with minor repairs such as replacing your oil, changing your brake pads, or replacing a tire. Only once you have learned the basics and feel truly confident around your vehicle can you start working your way up to the more complicated tasks. 

Get the right tools

All car mechanics have huge workshops full of tools and parts they use to tinker on their vehicles. If you want to become an expert at performing your own repairs, you need to have the right equipment to hand. You can pick up a good auto repair tool kit from any decent hardware store. It should have a range of items within it, including screwdrivers, spanners, and a socket set. As you get deeper into your car maintenance learning, you will accumulate extra accessories as and when you need them. Just remember to buy good quality tools rather than always settling for the cheapest. The best kit will do the job and will last you a long time.

Watch online tutorials

There are so many videos online that can guide you through any aspect of car maintenance. Whatever issue you might have with your vehicle, you can be assured that there will be several YouTube tutorials to walk you through it. Just follow along with the video and before long you won’t even need the guidance anymore. You might even get to the point where you can start up your own YouTube channel! 

Speak to experts

Everyone knows a car person. Someone who is obsessed with motors and knows every possible piece of obscure knowledge about them. Having someone like this in your life can be a great source of information to help you on your journey. Ask them to mentor you and teach some of the basics of car maintenance. You stand to learn a lot from them, and there’s a good chance they will be happy to impart their wisdom.

Take a course

The best way to learn any new skill is from the experts, and sometimes you might have to spend a little money to set you on the right path. There are so many courses and workshops out there designed to turn any novice into an adept car mechanic. Although plenty of online courses are available, it is always best to learn through hands-on experience, so an in-person workshop is always the best option.


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