This Is How We Do It: It’s Friday Night!

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If that title hasn’t got you singing, I don’t know what will. But on a more serious note, Friday night’s with our closest friends is one of the highlights of the week. In short, it can even be the event that gets you through your working week, am I right? However, how we spend those nights with friends can get a little boring, mundane and just the norm. So mix things up a little with some of these suggestions and get your weekends off to an amazing start.

Enjoy watching sports together

There is always some sort of game on the TV, be that football, tennis, baseball, or even table tennis. Whatever you are all into. So why not make a point of watching this game with some drinks and snacks to get you through. Most people could have had a particularly tough week at work and would welcome the option of a bit of downtime enjoying something they like, rather than heading to the town for another late evening.

Play a game of snooker

Snooker is one of those games that you can all enjoy, while still being able to hold a conversation amongst each other. So head to your local snooker hall and start playing. You could even consider a “winner continues to play” approach, enabling you all to have a go and enjoy playing. While still catching up. Again this is a perfect option for a more low-key evening, where you just want to hangout with the boys.

Host a games night

Sometimes it’s worth stepping out of the norm and doing something a little different and unique. A great option is to host a games night, this is one you could even include your girlfriends or partners in. Making it an enjoyable evening for all. Some of the more retro games offer nostalgic memories and can induce a real competitive spirit amongst the group. Better still with nifty gadgets like an easy roller with its octagon shape you will never lose a dice again.

Play darts in your local pub

A pastime that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is playing darts. Especially if you head to your local pub and enjoy a beer or two in the process. Again it is one of those games, much like snooker, where you can socialize while you play. But still get that competitive spirit and banter going. Evenings like this that are often low key and sociable can often be some of the best nights you have with your closest friends. Mostly these establishments are close by meaning you don’t tend to spend too much either.

Create a poker night

Finally, a poker night can be something that turns into a bit of a tradition amongst your friends. Each taking it in turns, to host the game where you provides drinks and snacks. It can become extremely competitive and while it gives you the chance to win some money there is also that chance you might lose it. Overall though a poker game can be a highlight of your week or month when done regularly.

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