The Top Cars To Drive On A Supercar Experience

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Every guy loves driving. The fascination nearly starts at a very early age and is one that lasts forever. Quite frankly, cars are one of our first loves. And we all have that dream motor that we’d all love to purchase.

For most people, owning a supercar remains a fantasy. Our buying habits are often focused on the used marketplace and practical vehicles, but you can still drive that dream motor. Supercar experience days are one of the most exciting activities that anyone could ever wish for.

However, if you’re going to do it, you should do it in style. If you get a choice of any motor, these are the vehicles that should be top of your shortlist. Vroom, vroom!

Ferrari 458 Italia

If you asked 100 people to name a supercar brand, at least half would answer with Ferrari. There’s something extremely iconic about the Italian manufacturer, especially when the vehicle is red. And the 458 Italia stands out as the one you should want to try out.

The 458 carries a classic Ferrari layout while the V8 engine will power you through your local track at speeds of over 200mph. A few laps in this machine will have you falling in love with driving all over again.

Every guy dreams of driving a Ferrari at least once. But if you’re only going to get one chance, you need a fitting model. The 458 Italia is the jewel in the crown.

Porsche 911 GT3

Supercar experience days don’t only offer a chance to drive a car you can’t afford. It also offers a chance to drive one that hardly anyone else has got behind the wheel of too. Choosing a 2016 model will allow you to gain that unique adventure that only a select number of drivers can share. Of the latest supercars, the Porsche 911 GT3 is a fantastic option.

The German-made 911 has been a mainstay of male fantasies for several years, and the new edition is simply faultless. The 3.8l engine will have you roaring around the track. Meanwhile, superior handling will allow you to gain the best experience imaginable.

As far as supercars go, the 911 is one that you could potentially own one day. This is your chance to test it to the max without getting in a crash that requires the help of an accident lawyer. Any driver looking at the prospect of buying a supercar should give the GT3 a try. In truth, though, even those that just want one day of excitement should choose this beauty too.

McLaren P1

In truth, any supercar will blow you away on the performance front. Let’s face it; anything has to be better than your Ford Focus. However, part of the supercar experience is enjoying the esthetic. For this reason alone, the McLaren P1 is a winner.

You only need a glance to see how beautiful the bodywork is. More importantly, though, the interior is simply brilliant. Or should that be brilliantly simple? McLaren has resisted the urge to pack the car with unnecessary items. Instead, you get a comfortable driving position combined with an advanced dashboard.

If you’re looking for a ride that gets you excited from the moment you approach it until the moment you end your drive: McLaren P1.


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