Movie Review: St. Vincent (2014)

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Awful. Now this comes to us from Kris from Bayside, and boy do I wish I missed this one. I’m so tired of movies where every single character is unlikable. Vincent was not totally bad, as he did help out his family, but he’s a hero to a boy only because everyone else around him was even worse.

How could a guy that steals, sells drugs, bangs whores, drinks to a stupor regularly, gambles, and wipes out the bank account of a 12 year old boy be any type of role model?  This movie should not be rated PG-13 at all, and I would caution anyone who is watching this with their families for any redemption or feel good qualities. The movie has the feel of a combination of the Karate Kid (except New York instead of California), and a little Uncle Buck in it.

It’s hard for me to believe Bill Murray turned down a remake of Ghostbusters to make this garbage. On a side note, Naomi Watts plays the Russian whore……are you kidding me with that accent? There were no Russian broads in Hollywood to play this part? Her accent was so bad that I wanted to jam a fork in my ear every time she spoke. No need to see this nonsense cause the message here is no matter how morally bad you have been, you can still be a saint. Give me a break. Sorry Kris, but please give me something better than this. You owe me.

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  1. Wow, my wife and I saw this and liked it. I think if you like Bill Murray, you will like the movie.


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