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Mini Cannoli Cups

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I am a big fan of cannoli’s. Being Italian I get up on all kinds of Italian food and desserts. Enjoy this mini cannoli cups recipe. Cannoli’s are Sicilian pastry desserts. The singular is cannolo (or in the Sicilian language cannolu), meaning “little tube”. When done right, cannolis are possibly my favorite Sicilian dessert.

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Taco Ring

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Need a Super Easy Dish to bring to a Super Bowl Party or are you having your own party? Make a Delicious Taco Ring! This one is easy and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This Taco Ring Recipe also makes a quick and easy dinner the kids will go nuts for. In fact, this taco ring recipe is so easy, the kids can make it with you. It starts with refrigerated crescent rolls. Top with seasoned ground beef and cheese, then bake. Serve taco style with lettuce, sour cream, salsa and other taco fixings.

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Taco Dip

taco dip

Nothing goes better (well almost nothing) with football or a Super Bowl party than chips and dip. This Super Bowl party serve up some taco dip. It is usually one of the first things to go at our parties for sure. A great “take somewhere” dish (like a Super Bowl party, lol). Any meal that is served with chips is considered a hit around here! This recipe makes enough to fill an 11×15 casserole dish. Read the rest of this entry

Hot ’n Hearty Chili

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Here at The Guy Corner NYC, we appreciate simplicity. Like, for example, chili and anything associated with the making of great chili. The thing is, nobody—or at least  very few people—carry around their chili spices everywhere they go. (If you  do, we salute you.) The cold weather here in the North East will soon be upon us. You might be somewhere watching football that doesn’t have all the chili spices you  normally use and that won’t do. So, just in time for the game, we’re serving up a chili recipe you can make  anywhere. Because you can make it your own.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Yesterday for lunch I met my wife and I had pulled pork. I love a good pulled pork sandwich so we headed to an Irish pub in Midtown NYC. This got me thinking, pulled pork is another great recipe to share with you guys! Enjoy. Don’t forget to share your favorite food recipes via email Maybe your recipe may make it on the blog.

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