How Managers Can Discuss Mental Health In The Workplace

Companies have made serious investments in supporting employee mental health during the pandemic, but stress and anxiety are still high. One key to addressing burnout could be training managers to talk to their employees about mental health. Managers often worry that bringing up mental health at work could cross personal boundaries. To help you find…

How To Prevent And Mitigate Workplace Injuries

You know how to keep your employees safe: you have safety gear, a first-aid kit, and conduct regular workplace inspections. But there’s one thing that can be even more dangerous than any other hazard in the workshop – stress on your workers.

Why Mentorship Is Important In The Workplace

Human resources is a surprisingly new feature of the business world. It signifies the recognition of staff as one of the core assets of a business, as well as shedding light on the need for the consideration of employee wellbeing. Human resources departments are becoming more and more prevalent, which has led to the development…

Surviving Adulthood In 4 Lessons

Adulthood is not a child’s play. For a start, there are a lot of responsibilities to look after. But more importantly, every man needs real surviving skills for the adult life. You may not be living an adventurous life – Not everyone can be Iron Man but that shouldn’t stop you from trying – but…

Brewing Success: Coffee Makes The Workplace Go Round

Over half of the workers in a typical office have a coffee break during the day. But decision makers don’t mind. In fact, 9 out of 10 think a coffee break or two with co-workers increases productivity and improves morale. Perhaps that’s why coffee makers — and their close cousin the coffee machine — are so commonplace in U.S. offices.