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Handyman Gift Giving Guide

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The Holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving and Black Friday literally around the corner.  If you haven’t yet, now is the time to start thinking of the special men in your lives that deserve to be treated with a special gift. For handy dads who like to take the DIY route with home improvement projects, and even those who are not so handy, guys always want to have tools handy to help them with even the little jobs.

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DIY 101: Tips For Beginners

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How many of us put off doing D.I.Y? It could be out of laziness, but other people worry about their ability, especially if they don’t know the difference between a flathead and a Philips head screwdriver. But even complete beginners don’t have to be afraid of uneven shelves, power tools, or even of hitting their thumb with a hammer. Part of the fun of being an adult is knowing how to make a few simple repairs yourself. Here is some simple advice to make DIY simple.

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Man Up With These Useful DIY Tips

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For most men, being able to do various DIY jobs around the house is a sign of their manliness. Lots of guys brag about the difficult jobs that they’ve done around the house to their mates over some beers at the weekend, and there always seems to be an unofficial challenge to see who can do the best work! If this sounds like you and your group of friends, you might be wondering how you can get one up on all your friends to try and win your weekly DIY brag. Here are some fantastic DIY tips that should help you do just that!

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Best And Worst DIY Jobs

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Here are some of the best and worst DIY ideas.

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Woodworking: Planning Out Your First Workshop

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If woodworking is one of your hobbies, then odds are you’re getting by using one little corner of your shed or garage, with all your tools scattered haphazardly around. While you can certainly complete some great projects this way, there’s nothing quite like building your own workshop. If woodworking has become a large enough part of your life, and you’re ready to make the investment, then here’s a brief guide to planning out your workshop.

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