The 7 Best Kitchen Gadgets For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

If you are cooking or just want to make the Thanksgiving cooks day more pleasant you might want to check out these cooking gadgets. I am no cook by no means but I can tell you my three favorites (listed below). My wife will be one of the cooks for Thanksgiving though we will not…

Traditions: The Thanksgiving Edition

I love the holidays. For me a big part of the holidays is all about family and tradition. Tradition can be anything from the location where you spend a certain meal or the food that is made to special family activities that you look forward to when you get there. Over the years the Thanksgiving…

No Black Friday For Me

Today is Black Friday. Personally I have never been a big fan of people pushing and shoving to get deals for the holiday season. That is not to say I have never done it but I can guarantee I can count the times I have done it on one hand with room to spare.

Bill Rancic: My Interview With Entrepreneur & Rogaine User

“For me growing up the best thing my parents did for me was ‘it was ok to make mistakes, it was ok to have failures but it was never ok not to try’ and I think we have to encourage kids to try everything.” – Bill Rancic

The Pay It Forward Holiday 2013 Project

In three days it will be Thanksgiving, a time where we should all take a step back and be glad for the good in our lives. That got me thinking about trying something. How would you feel if someone bought you a cup of coffee, or gave you change for your meter, or helped you…