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So, You Want To Build A Tech Product?

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Have you ever had an idea for a brand new technology product? Perhaps you have a keen interest in tech, and have thought about something that impacts you every day that could be solved with a piece of software, an app, or even some hardware? If so, you are in very good company. Every year, thousands of new ideas are patented – the trouble is that only a few actually make it to market.

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AirSelfie2, The Best Technical Features In The Tiniest Dimensions: Small Is The New Big!

AirSelfie, AirSelfie, 2, drone, tech, mini
The next generation of aerial photography and video is here as the AirSelfie2 is now on sale.
The Red Dot award-winning flying camera, now on sale
Pocket-sized device features 12-megapixel resolution, 16 GB memory and 50 percent longer battery life

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The Modern Tech Worth Investing In

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We can all agree that there’s some very gimmicky products on the market, especially in the technology sector. Of course they make up a small portion of the billion dollar industry that everyone wants to be a part of these days, but they’re also the products we see talked about the most in the media. From electronic salt dispensers to belts that charge your phone for a whopping $150, there’s some ideas that leave you thinking, ‘What were they thinking?!’ Read the rest of this entry

Is Life All Work And No Play? You Need A New Hobby!

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Life can be hectic at times, and when it feels like all work and no play, it’s so easy to burnout. To live a happy and balanced life, we absolutely need to find things that we genuinely enjoy doing. Hobbies help us to learn new skills, allow us to meet new people and bring an element of fun into our lives. If you’re on the lookout for an interesting new hobby, here are just a few ideas.

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Super-Portable Steel String Digital Guitar Jammy To Be Unveiled At CE Week After The Redesign

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The Jammy digital travel guitar by RnD64 is claimed to have the best playability-to-portability ratio: Its 15 standard-sized frets are suitable to play 70% of the rock hit-songs, while it also fits into most of the backpacks and complies with the airlines’ carry-on regulations. It’s all about the neck that can be easily detached making the whole thing only 17” long.

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