How Technology Is Transforming The Way People Watch TV

Everyone knows that technology is transforming the world. Changing how people work and live their daily lives, it’s continuously evolving. And with these new and exciting advancements, comes incredible ways in which to watch TV. No matter what your age, these innovative technologies will transform how you view content. Netflix It’s no secret that Netflix has…

Futuristic Tech Every Film Fan Needs

Tech is constantly evolving to make home movie experiences all the more cinematic. If you’re an eager film buff here are few bits of gadgetry that you should be owning right now.

Slingbox 500: The Review

If you are looking for remote access via the Internet to everything your cable TV has to offer, the Slingbox 500 (MSRP $299.99) is perfect. It is inserted between the cable box and your TV and takes whatever you tune in (remotely) and sends it over the Internet to your device. With it’s easy setup, you…

Netflix Set To Increase Pricing

New Netflix subscribers could soon be forced to pay a bit more for the company’s streaming service: The company announced in its first-quarter earnings letter to shareholders that it intends to raise the prices for new members by $1 or $2 this quarter.