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4 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Soccer Mad Offspring

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Having a child that is obsessed with sport is nothing new. Since the dawn of time boys and girls have relished kicking a ball around in their back garden, playing tennis down at the local park and racing one another annually on sports days. Seeing our kids active is to be welcomed, and if you have a child that is more into the outdoors than the console in their bedroom, you should count yourself lucky. It’s vital that you are able to harness this enthusiasm for sport so that it doesn’t wither away.

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25 People Who Haven’t Quite Figured Out Parenting Yet


Parenting can become difficult at times but lets face it, some people were probably never meant to have children. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. It’s all on-the-job training but sometimes people don’t seem to learn from those training lessons. All over the internet you can find comments and photos that back this up and as I am sure you have already seen, some are worse than others.

BuzzFeed has released their “25 People Who Haven’t Quite Figured Out Parenting Yet” Check out some of these people that probably shouldn’t have become parents.

Parenting Strategies


At times, parenting can feel like you’re in in an airplane in turbulence in a thunderstorm and the oxygen masks have dropped.  As with on a plane, when parenting it’s important to remain calm and put your oxygen mask on first before you help your children. Once that’s accomplished you can give specific instructions of what to do, with lots of positive feedback for good behavior.

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Bill Rancic: My Interview With Entrepreneur & Rogaine User

Bill Rancic

“For me growing up the best thing my parents did for me was ‘it was ok to make mistakes, it was ok to have failures but it was never ok not to try’ and I think we have to encourage kids to try everything.” – Bill Rancic

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17 Things Boys Need From Their Moms

Mother and Son Playing

As a father of both a son and a daughter, I can tell you aside from their physical differences, boys and girls definitely require a different kind of parenting. It is obvious most moms (and dads) would do anything to enhance their child’s quality of life. Even with this great level of devotion, many moms of boys admit raising boys is both a joy and a challenge. It is normal for boys to climb, swing, make loud noises, make messes, run, tease siblings, laugh, and challenge rules.

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