How Technology Is Transforming The Way People Watch TV

Everyone knows that technology is transforming the world. Changing how people work and live their daily lives, it’s continuously evolving. And with these new and exciting advancements, comes incredible ways in which to watch TV. No matter what your age, these innovative technologies will transform how you view content. Netflix It’s no secret that Netflix has…

Your Ultimate Lazy Day Checklist

Sometimes you just need one of those days to lounge around the house, not get dressed and enjoy doing barely anything. It’s a great feeling, and provided you don’t make a habit of it, can be a good way to spend your downtime.

How Not Go Mad With Boredom When You’re Sick

Whether you’re ‘dying’ of man flu or have a nasty sickness bug, being unwell is never nice. While the best thing that you can do, while you recover from whatever it is you had, is stay nice and cozy at home, where you can get lots of rest. Being stuck at home with only your…

Netflix Set To Increase Pricing

New Netflix subscribers could soon be forced to pay a bit more for the company’s streaming service: The company announced in its first-quarter earnings letter to shareholders that it intends to raise the prices for new members by $1 or $2 this quarter.