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Ion Audio® Introduces EZ Vinyl 2 Conversion App, The Simplest Way To Convert Vinyl Records To Digital Format

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Newest version of popular software adds Gracenote® automatic track detection and improved track editing tools for greater versatility when converting old records into digital files.

ION Audio, a recognized leader in lifestyle consumer electronics, today announced the introduction of EZ Vinyl 2, the latest version of their ground-breaking conversion software that enabled people to convert their old analog vinyl records into digital files. ION Audio’s EZVinyl2 converter app makes the conversion process quick and easy. Building upon the highly acclaimed original EZ Vinyl, version 2 adds Gracenote automatic track detection and improved track editing tools, all utilizing a powerful new engine developed in partnership with UK based technology licensing company, Convert Technologies.

Once in digital format, the music on those priceless old records can be preserved forever without any physical degradation and they can be played anywhere, in a wide variety of devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets and Kindle Fire. Files can also be saved to your computer via iCloud (on iOS) or Google Drive (Android).

Users will be guided step by step with straightforward instructions and easy-to-use controls. The integrated Gracenote look-up service will identify the track from its online database providing artist name, song title, album title, album artwork, and genre tags. There is no need to worry about editing anything unless the user wants to do so; and EZ Vinyl 2 works with rock, pop, country, hip-hop, classical, jazz and everything else.

• Records cassettes or vinyl LPs in stereo directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Kindle Fire • Automatically separates tracks by detecting silence between songs • Automatically detects song title and information from the Gracenote database, the world’s largest song catalog • Gracenote look-up service correctly identifies all music genres • Gain controls and VU meter allow easy level adjustment and monitoring • Includes simple editing tools to allow users to manually adjust their recordings • An integrated music player lets users listen to tracks instantly • Allows easy transfer to iTunes or other computers • Works best with ION Audio turntables/tape decks but supports all popular USB audio conversion brands

To use EZ Vinyl2, customers need a USB turntable or tape player (ION models are recommended for best performance, but other brands of USB equipment are supported) and an adapter cable to connect their mobile device via USB.

EZ Vinyl 2 is immediately available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store (For Kindle Fire Devices). UK Pricing is £9.99 local pricing may vary.
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Incredible Tech We Just Could Not Live Without

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Do you think you could live without the tech that you currently use on a regular basis? Try to imagine if, when you woke up in the morning, you reached for your smartphone and it wasn’t there. Most of us would leap out of bed in a frantic search to find the blasted thing. Or, how about rolling over to look at your laptop and finding it missing. That’s enough to start a full blown panic. What about sitting down in the evening to binge Netflix. But, suddenly discovering that you have no internet connection. The truth is many of us would simply not manage without the tech that we’ve grown accustomed to having at our fingertips. You probably have no idea just how important technology is in every aspect of your life. But you’re about to.

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