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The 5TH Releases The Auckland Range

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On November 5th, 2018, The 5TH will be releasing a new range of 5 watches, plus one additional limited edition colorway with only 100 pieces available to purchase.

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Hobbies that Could End Up Making You A Small Fortune

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It’s great to have a hobby. It doesn’t matter whether you want something to occupy the weekend or whether you just want something that will help you to invest your time better without having to spend too much money, because there are thousands of ideas out there. If you are ready to get started with your hobby but you don’t quite know what is out there, then you can find out whatever you need to know, right here.

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Db Equipment Launches The Scholar Daypack

Db Equipment, travbel gear, Scholar, multi-purpose backpack, lifestyle

Do-it-all everyday pack built for the active urban lifestyle

Db Equipment, an adventure travel gear company known for its smart, sleek, protective and lightweight equipment, has announced the launch of The Scholar. This multi-purpose backpack is bringing it all back to basics. Stripped for any excessive frill, The Scholar adapts to your lifestyle essentials in a simplistic and comfortable way – whether you’re going to the skate park, campus or the gym.​

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Getting Outdoors: Creating Your Heroic & Adventurous Lifestyle


outdoors, adventurous, lifestyle, woodwork, camping, fishing, hiking, exploringIf you’re an office worker, or just spend the greater part of your day indoors, it’s easy to feel the yearning for an outdoor adventure. Sometimes this can come to a head where you feel the need to escape your modern life with all its comforts and amenities. There’s no need to take drastic action, as a simple few trips out with a good friend can reunite you with the great outdoors and allow you to meet mother nature herself.

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Incredible Tech We Just Could Not Live Without

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Do you think you could live without the tech that you currently use on a regular basis? Try to imagine if, when you woke up in the morning, you reached for your smartphone and it wasn’t there. Most of us would leap out of bed in a frantic search to find the blasted thing. Or, how about rolling over to look at your laptop and finding it missing. That’s enough to start a full blown panic. What about sitting down in the evening to binge Netflix. But, suddenly discovering that you have no internet connection. The truth is many of us would simply not manage without the tech that we’ve grown accustomed to having at our fingertips. You probably have no idea just how important technology is in every aspect of your life. But you’re about to.

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