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Introducing BIG-i, The World’s Most Versatile Personal Robot

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Interactive home companion robot by NXROBO was unveiled at the Pepcom Digital Focus Spring Showcase last week

Advances in technology have come a long way in making consumers’ lives easier, but the idea of a personal robot for the home has always been relegated to Sci-Fi … until now. BIG-i, the world’s smartest, fully interactive personal robot, is on its way to America, possibly as early as fourth quarter 2016. Created by the robotic experts at NXROBO, BIG-i is unlike any other artificial intelligence on the market. Designed to address consumers’ daily needs, BIG-i features Motion Tracking, Face and Voice Recognition, Local Mapping, Smart Home technology, and more to create a unique interaction between owner and robot.

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Guys, Are You No Good At Sports? Not Anymore!

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Everyone wants to be a sports star because their jobs are amazing. In basic terms, they get to do what almost every young guy dreamed of when they were a kid. And, they get paid a fortune for the privilege. Even other famous men wish they could be sports stars!

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