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Common Issues With iPhones… And How To Fix Them

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iPhones are the most popular type of smartphone in the world. Everyone’s always raving about the amazing features, interface and the quality of the camera. However, iPhones don’t come without their issues. They are just another form of technology after all. Just like any other computer, iPhones encounter issues when they are running, and we are here to help you solve some of the most common issues which occur with this device.

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TripIt’s New iMessage Features Keep Everyone In The Loop

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New iOS 11 Addition Makes It Easy to Share Last-Minute Changes While on the Go

TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, today added dynamic updates to TripIt for iMessage. These new enhancements make it easy for travelers to keep friends, family and colleagues up to date about their travel plans, even as changes happen.

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Don’t Throw Your Broken Technology Away – Fix It

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For some people, the first response to a piece of technology turning faulty is to put it in a drawer and buy a replacement – usually an upgraded model. But this isn’t always the best option, because more technology than you might think can be salvaged and restored to full working order. Just take a look at a few of the items outlined below.

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Artist Allen Hirsch Invents A Hand/Phone Interface That Improves Your Relationship With Your Smartphone

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HandL Smartphone Interfaces Feature A Patented Elastic and Brace System That Allows You To Hold Your Device With Just One Or Two Fingers – It Feels Like The Phone Is Floating In Your Hand

The entertainment world knows Allen Hirsch because Ellen DeGeneres collects his art. New Yorkers know him because he developed La Esquina, the underground SoHo restaurant that all the millennials flock to. The art world knows Hirsch because his inaugural portrait of Bill Clinton hung in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC and his paintings have appeared many times on the covers of Time magazine, in New York magazine and the New York Times.

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uNu Aero 6 Wireless Charging Battery Case: The Review

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I am back again doing a review of my favorite battery case to date. This time it is for the uNu Aero Wireless charging case for the iPhone 6. For my first review for the iPhone 5 case please click here. Back after I did my review of the iPhone 5 case, the material started to chip even with out dropping it. That being said the company had me send back the case to evaluate the materials used and with the redesign of the iPhone 6 case have done a great job. My favorite part of this case is how simple it is to use. When it comes to charging your device, all you have to do is place the phone on the mat with the case on it and the phone and the case charge at the same time (first the phone charges to 100% then the extra battery). Once again I will never worry about my phone dying with this product because it gives my phone great battery life.

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