The Right Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Being involved in an accident can either leave you with mental or physical challenges, or both. Recovering from a car accident takes time, even if you didn’t suffer any physical injuries. Therefore, should you be involved in a car accident and feel unsure what steps to take, here’s more.

Injuries In The Gym: When Aren’t They Your Fault?

Gym injuries happen to guys all the time, and in a lot of instances, they’re down to your own personal negligence. Improper form is always a top cause of injuries, but whose fault is that? The blame falls on you for not learning how to correctly bench press or squat! Likewise, people who incorrectly use…

How To Prevent And Mitigate Workplace Injuries

You know how to keep your employees safe: you have safety gear, a first-aid kit, and conduct regular workplace inspections. But there’s one thing that can be even more dangerous than any other hazard in the workshop – stress on your workers.

Avoiding Sports Injuries When Working Out For The First Time

If since the summer has passed you have let your fitness routine slip, or if you never bothered exercising at all, now might be the time to get up and moving to get you ready for the Christmas party and all of that food you’ll be putting away! Exercise is an important part of our…

The Most Bizarre Sports Injuries Of All Time

When I think of sports injuries, I always think back to a certain scene in the Simpsons where Homer delights in being able to watch them occur. There’s something morbidly satisfying about watching rival players get injured. However, for them, it’s anything but a laughing matter. Players get injured in all sorts of ways, and…