Ways To Bring More Technology Into Your Lifestyle

Technology is everywhere, and as individuals, we can certainly use it to our advantage in order to live more efficiently and for it to help us with living our life more comfortably. Here are some ways to bring more technology into your lifestyle.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Some Of The Latest Tech Gadgets

The holidays are always a fun time for new tech. The tech industry is always looking to showcase some of their best products just in time to make sure it gets into homes during the holiday season. We here at The Guy Corner NYC are taking a special look to help make it easier for you to…

Sengled Lights Up The Home With New Smart Lineup

Interior of living room with comfortable sofa Sengled’s flagship Element range continues to raise the bar in what smart lighting can do Sengled is set to illuminate the modern home with the announcement of a new suite of lighting and smart home solutions that transform everyday devices into intelligent experiences. With the rise of the…

Technology Trends That Are Changing The World

If you look around your home, the chances are that you have several pieces of tech that you use on the daily. From a smartphone, to laptops, to Bluetooth speakers, and remote heating systems, there will be several things that you use in your home. They can change the way you do things and make…

Throwing A Party For The Holidays? All You Need To Know

The holidays will soon be upon us. Which means time for plenty of family get togethers or parties with our friends. Whatever you celebrate, you’ve got to have your part in style, right? There is no need to talk about the why of throwing an epic party. Just the hows.