Red Wine In Moderation Can Have A Positive Effect On Health

Plato may have been wiser than he knew when he said, “Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the Gods to man.” Those of us who have come to enjoy the variety and tastes that wine have to offer can now look to red wines for greater health benefits. Recent studies…

Withings Announces BPM Core, A Three-In-One Cardiovascular Device

World’s most advanced in-home cardiovascular monitor provides tracking of hypertension, early-detection of atrial fibrillation and valvular heart disease. Withings, pioneers of the connected health movement, is breaking new ground with the launch of Withings BPM Core, the world’s most sophisticated and wide-ranging in-home cardiovascular monitor. Going way beyond simple, clinically accurate blood pressure monitoring, Withings…

Surfing – It’s Not Just For The World Wide Web

As far as sporting activities are concerned, surfing is far from being the most commonly participated option. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best. On the contrary, it is one of the most enjoyable sports you could ever try.

Get In Shape This Winter

Winter, for most people, tends to be a time of hibernation and stuffing their face with all sorts of festive treats.   Yet, with  New Year on the horizon, it can pay to get a head start on the fitness frenzy that will soon be hitting your streets.