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Bonding With Your Teenage Son

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When your son was younger, he thought you were Superman. He hung off your every word, and boasted to all of his friends about how great you were. But now he’s getting older, you might be starting to drift apart. When you take him to school he’ll get you to drop him off down the road so you don’t embarrass him. It won’t be like this forever, and once he’s an adult, your relationship will improve, though he won’t think your word is gospel anymore. Those years in between can be tough and it might feel like you’re losing him, but don’t worry. You could try winning him round with a gift, but spending time together is better. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he does still enjoy your company. Here are a few ideas for father-son outings you can take him on, for a bit of quality bonding time.

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DIY 101: Tips For Beginners

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How many of us put off doing D.I.Y? It could be out of laziness, but other people worry about their ability, especially if they don’t know the difference between a flathead and a Philips head screwdriver. But even complete beginners don’t have to be afraid of uneven shelves, power tools, or even of hitting their thumb with a hammer. Part of the fun of being an adult is knowing how to make a few simple repairs yourself. Here is some simple advice to make DIY simple.

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Best And Worst DIY Jobs

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Here are some of the best and worst DIY ideas.

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How To Become A Good Handyman

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Being a good handyman does not mean that you are a Jack-of-all-trades, but that you are good at a few things in particular. However, perfecting your craft, and making sure that you hone your skills is important. Keep in mind that to be a professional, it is best to have a few skills you are excellent at, than to be semi-good at multiple ones.

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