The Guy Corner NYC Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2022

We can’t believe another year is winding down and this one almost as crazy as the last two. As we approach Thanksgiving, it is time to bring you some cool tech from 2022. I present to you the Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2022 from The Guy Corner NYC. This time of year is always a…

How To Make This Christmas Extra Special 

Christmas Day is a day that children look forward to all year long. Not just because of all the presents, but also because there is something magical about Christmas day for a child that is hard to describe. When you think back to your own childhood, you’ll probably remember that feeling very clearly. 

Gift Ideas For The Special Man In Your Life

No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, it is always important to show your partner how much you care. One way to do that is by getting him a special gift. The following blog will provide some ideas for the special man in your life, no matter what his interests are!

Gifts For Guys: What To Give Your Guy Friends

Buying for your mate can be a difficult ordeal and is perhaps not something that comes naturally to all guys. It’s understandable, guys can be hard to buy for and it can be tricky to strike the balance right between giving them a gift they will appreciate, not overdoing it but also not coming across…

Learning Your Partner’s Love Language

We all want to be good partners, but sometimes this gets lost with the demands of day to day life. We want to show the person that we love that we do love them and how much we care about them, but sometimes, it can be hard to express this in the right ways. If…