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Gadgets That Every Man Should Play With!

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One thing that we can rightly say we love – are gadgets. There is so much variety out there, whether it be some kind of robot that brings us beer, or even just one of those tiny lasers on the keyring (which never gets old!!). You’d be amazed at the inventions that are out there nowadays – now more than ever all thanks to how advanced technology has become. You can get your hands on virtually anything, and if it doesn’t yet exist, it’ll be in the making.

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Valuable Advice For The First-Time Hunter

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Hunting is an ancient and fascinating activity which every “man’s man” should attempt at least once. There are all kinds of activities you can enjoy in the great outdoors, but none of them quite compare to tracking, stalking, and finally killing your own food. If you grew up in the city, then understandably you may not have that much experience with hunting. However, if you’d still like to try it out, here’s some valuable advice for your first hunting trip.

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Changing Gears: The Amateur’s Guide To Motorcycles

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Have you thought about upgrading from your trusty mountain bike or penny farthing? Have you pimped out your car too much?  Of course you have! Who doesn’t like the idea of riding through Route 66 on their mighty hog like Easy Rider or (if you have lame taste in films) Wild Hogs? But what do you need to look out for when buying a motorcycle? The following guide will give you an idea on how to burn that rubber faster than a kid with a load of rubber bands and a lighter.

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Tech And Gear The Adventurous Guy Can’t Live Without

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I like my sports, and I love my tech. Better still, I’ve found the two fit together beautifully. As a self-professed adventurer, I love exploring the outdoors in my spare time. I enjoy coming back with mud coating my legs and sweat dripping down my back. On a Saturday morning, that’s by far one of the best feelings in the world. But, I wouldn’t be going anywhere without the teach and gear that I’ve been buying over the years. Here are just some of the pieces of tech that I rely on during my adventure travel.

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