VR Is The Next Big Thing: Twelve Industries Embracing The New Technology

Virtual reality, or VR, is the next big thing. The technology is making its way into a surprising number of industries, from entertainment to healthcare and education. VR allows the user to explore a virtual environment, generated by a computer. Some surprising industries are beginning to embrace VR technology. Advertisements

ASTRO Gaming Reveals Highly Customizable, Modular C40 TR Controller

ASTRO’s First Pro-Caliber Controller for PlayStation® 4 and PC Controller is Designed to Withstand the Rigors of High-Stress Competitive Play ASTRO Gaming, a leader in premium videogaming equipment, has continually innovated and forever redefined what progamers can expect from their audio equipment. Today, ASTRO further extendedthat expertise and announced its commitment to the professional controllercategory…

4 Ways To Optimize A Mac For Gaming

Macs for gaming? No thank you! There is a perception that Apple Macs are not the best hardware for gamers, and the legend is true. The problem is that they don’t have the same variety as the standard laptops. Plus, Apple is exclusive and that can lead to problems for interactive gamers. However, businessmen who…

How To Make Money Off Of Your Gaming Habit

Video games have renewed renown and potential, especially as the graphics and their capabilities soar. In the future, gaming will be virtual, we will become immersed in alternative realities where we star as the protagonist. The potential of gaming is just getting started, and it is guaranteed to increase as personal computers and laptops improve….

4 Business Laptops That Are Totally Legit for Gaming

Guest post for The Guy Corner NYC from bizzmarkblog.com Once gamers, now serious business professionals. But still gamers at heart. If you thought these two aspects don’t go hand in hand, several research results point out that playing video games at the workplace can serve as a stress reliever and increase work productivity. Taking 10-minute…