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Summer Fun: Excellent Ways To Keep Fit During Your Vacation

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Are you planning a vacation with the boys this summer? Would you like to spend less time drinking and more time enjoying yourself? Then the suggestions in this article are right up your street. Not only will they ensure you stay entertained, but they could also assist in keeping your body in shape. No man wants to let himself go at the time when he’s most likely to walk around without a shirt, right? With that in mind, make sure you consider some of these activities during your vacation this summer. If nothing else, you’re going to have a fantastic time. At best, you will build muscle, get your heart pumping, and improve your health.

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Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinking

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We all get to a point in our lives when getting annihilated on beer just isn’t fun anymore. The hangovers hurt more and you’re more likely to end up snoozing in a dark corner than doing shots at the bar with the rest of the boys. Of course, I’m not saying we don’t all like a beer or two when the time is right, but bachelor parties should be about everyone coming together to have fun, not spend the whole night half-naked or with your head down the toilet!

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Dry January Is Now Over

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Well, your 31 days surviving the desert with a mouth as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop are now over, so it is time to whet that appetite and not stopping (while remaining completely responsible of course). However, it may be that your alcohol-free January has given you a sort of new found determination to stay off the booze, get in shape, keep your liver firing. That is why we are going to do everything we can to stop that from happening, and it starts with a list of must-try booze. You’ll thank us for it in the end (probably in a 4am phone call where you repeatedly use the phrase, “I love you, you’re my best friend”).

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Eyes On The Road: Prevent These Common Distractions

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Road accidents and traffic deaths rose in the USA throughout 2016. A lot of factors contributed to this, such as more people on the road and poor weather conditions. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that a lot of collisions come down to human error.

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Golden Rules Every Guy Should Follow For Good Health

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Men are notoriously bad at seeking advice when there may be something up. Sadly, sometimes, you’ve got to just bite the bullet and make that appointment. Your health is something that should never fall down your list of priorities. If there is an issue, getting it sorted sooner rather than later is always the best option. If you’re eager to boost your health and keep illness at bay, here are some golden rules for every guy to follow.

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