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7 Of The Best Ideas For A Boy’s Only Bonding Day

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Whether you have just started a new job and need to get to know your colleagues or you haven’t seen your school friends in years, there is nothing better than having a boys bonding day altogether. There are many different activities that are perfect for male bonding, some of which you might never have thought of before. With these ideas you can get out of the house and embark on a new adventure together, whilst having a good old laugh. If you have been looking for the ultimate boy’s bonding day then this is the place to be looking!

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Maple-Mustard Grilled Salmon

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Grilling is an easy and fast way to cook salmon, and a sweet-tangy slathering of maple syrup and mustard complements the fish’s meatiness. Making the glaze right on the grill means you don’t even have to turn on the stove. For a light, healthy alfresco dinner, serve this with some grilled corn on the cob.

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Booming BBQ Ribs

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Nothing says BBQ more than BBQ Ribs. American barbecue has many forms and styles, but the pork rib just might be barbecue’s most enduring icon. This is certainly true in New York, where over the past decade, high-pedigree barbecue restaurants have grown into a cadre of low-and-slow cooking. And while each of Manhattan’s major smokehouses has a different take on the barbecue renaissance, every one serves a rack of pork ribs. It’s an ideal entry point into any smokehouse’s menu, versatile enough for a range of recipes but fundamental enough to be a standard bearer for the barbecue tradition.

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BBQ Chicken Calzone

BBQ Chicken Calzone, dinner, Entrees, Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Summer Food, Foodie

As a foodie, and of Italian decent, this really hit me. Calzones are yummy and easy dinners, lunches or truly any time food but why not spice it up. As a kid, I used to love plain cheese or even ham and cheese calzones. This recipe puts those to shame. As you can probably by some of my other recipes, BBQ is also a favorite of mine, so why not give that great BBQ flavor in an easy to make yummy calzone. Enjoy!

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My 3 Year Old Must Argue & Debate Everything!

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You probably know by now that kids say the funniest things at times but this has to be one of the funniest I have seen in a while. Check out this 3 year old as he tries to argue and debate why he should have a cupcake before dinner.

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