4 Digital Hobbies That You Can Use To Boost Or Change Your Career

Due to your daily activities’ monotony, you may often notice boredom creeping in and affecting your work morale. It is essential to keep your confidence high to boost your work productivity through various activities. 

The Big Moments That Made Today’s Modern Tech Landscape

When looking at modern tech, it can seem pretty insane that we’ve gotten so far within a single lifetime. If you’ve been alive for over two decades, you’ve seen the way we live modern life change entirely due to the devices that a lot of us take for granted. However, it’s important to look back…

5 Tips For Protecting Your Digital Data

One of the worst fears for any business, is that they will fall prey to hacking or an online scam, and as a result, lose their precious data and potentially have their entire operation compromised beyond repair.

NixPlay Iris WiFi Digital Frame: The Review

In the age of digital photography and the fact that we are always taking new pictures on our smartphones, less and less people print out their photos to put in picture frames anymore. If there was only a solution to easily add those great family memories to a picture frame right from your phone. Well…