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Bonding With Your Teenage Son

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When your son was younger, he thought you were Superman. He hung off your every word, and boasted to all of his friends about how great you were. But now he’s getting older, you might be starting to drift apart. When you take him to school he’ll get you to drop him off down the road so you don’t embarrass him. It won’t be like this forever, and once he’s an adult, your relationship will improve, though he won’t think your word is gospel anymore. Those years in between can be tough and it might feel like you’re losing him, but don’t worry. You could try winning him round with a gift, but spending time together is better. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he does still enjoy your company. Here are a few ideas for father-son outings you can take him on, for a bit of quality bonding time.

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All Action Exercise: The Most Exciting Ways To Get Fit

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Let’s face it – exercise can be pretty boring sometimes.

Yes, we get it – how can something that leaves us breathless, sweaty and full of vigor be boring? Well if you’re sticking to the same old routine, staring at a blank wall while you do your 5k every week listening to the same old playlist – you can get bored quickly.

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Go Long! Father-Son Bonding Activities That Involve Sport

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Do you sometimes feel as if you and your son are growing apart? With computer games, after school clubs, and both kids and parents having to work on the weekend, family time can be pushed to the sidelines. It’s high time we changed all this with some good old-fashioned father-son bonding.

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How To Stay In Shape Over Christmas

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It can be be hard to stay warm during the winter season, but what’s even harder is finding the motivation to stay warm. I don’t mean the determination it takes to sit in front of a log fire or blast your radiators at full heat; I mean the determination it takes to actually get up, walk out the door and exercise.

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Foolproof Ways To Set Up A Great Outdoor Weekend For Your Friends

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Going on an adventure with your friends can be an awesome experience. Some people might like to pitch a tent somewhere and spend a weekend drinking by a campfire. But if you’re more adventurous, you probably want to arrange something a little more strenuous. There’s so much you can do if you want to do an outdoor weekend. You could go paddling in kayaks or canoes, hike, or perhaps go cycling. Arranging a trip with friends can be difficult, however. You’re stuck together for the length of the trip, and it’s essential that everyone gets on. Try these factors to make your trip perfect.

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