Sweatcoin: Sweat Yourself Into The Crypto World While Getting Healthier

What is Sweatcoin? Sweatcoin launched in 2015 with a mission to get the world moving more.  The  free-to-download app counts a users’ daily steps and converts them into sweatcoins – the reward currency –  that can be spent on goods and services in the in-app marketplace (from brand partners such as Audible, Reebok, Apple, Headspace etc) or donated to charities…

Cryptocurrency Trading: Neat Tips And Tricks To Get You Started

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained wide popularity in the trading market. It is a digital currency which individuals use for buying goods and services online. Due to its new state, this form of trading still holds several unpredictable trades with a few reliable data points and less contextual information for trading.