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The Modern Bold Man: Standing Out By Choice

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Humans have a tendency to want to group together. We want to be part of the tribe, accepted by society – it’s ingrained in us from the days when strength in numbers meant the difference between survival and the alternative option. True nonconformists – who genuinely have no care for what others think of them – are incredibly rare.

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How Your Style Affects Your Mood

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We tend to think about our chosen fashion styles as reflective of our inner selves. Our mood and our confidence can all be communicated to others using the fashion styles we choose to wear. While it’s important to bear this in mind, the link between style and mood isn’t always quite as simple as this.

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The Subtle Art Of Increasing Confidence

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For many men, self-confidence is a big issue which affects them for much of their life. Of course, everyone has this issue, but for grown men it is particularly pertinent. Guys tend to have the desire to be the alpha of the situation, whether that is really warranted or not. The truth is, the whole notion of the alpha male is a little over-stretched. As far as the science is concerned, there is not really such a thing in modern cultures. Self-confidence has much more to do with how you perceive yourself in relation to others. It makes sense for guys to want to be self-confident. After all, it is true that confidence allows you to get more of what you want, when you want it. But how do you go about building something up, especially when you feel that you don’t have much stock of it? The truth is, confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better at it you become. Let’s take a deeper look into the subtle art of increasing your self-confidence.

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No Luck With The Ladies? Here’s What You Need To Do

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We’ve all been in that situation before. The one where we’re out with our friends, and they all seem to pick up girls while we are standing on the sidelines. It can happen to everyone! However, when this becomes a regular occurrence, it’s easy to lose confidence. So, if you aren’t having any luck when it comes to the ladies, try thinking about the following tips.

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The Biggest Reasons Your Sex Life Is Bad Right Now

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If there’s one part of our life we worry about the most, it’s our sex life. No one wants a dull sex life, but sometimes you slip into a bad slump. So, it’s important you can figure out why things are bad. Then, you can figure out how to fix them.

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