The Modern Guy’s Guide To Dressing Well

If you ever find yourself having trouble knowing exactly how to dress, or what should and shouldn’t be in your wardrobe, then you are far from alone. Most modern men struggle with these issues, and they are not always easily resolved, which is why it is often important to take a look at some advice…

How Your Style Affects Your Mood

We tend to think about our chosen fashion styles as reflective of our inner selves. Our mood and our confidence can all be communicated to others using the fashion styles we choose to wear. While it’s important to bear this in mind, the link between style and mood isn’t always quite as simple as this.

5 Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs In Their Wardrobe

It can be hard to fit everything in the wardrobe, especially when your other half needs more space for her bits. But there are some essential items that every modern man needs in their wardrobe. Here are five items you need to check you have in your wardrobe.

Young People And Grandparents & Parents Swap Clothes

Ever wonder what you might look like in your parents clothes? or maybe even your grandparents clothes? Well photographer Qozop decided to do just that. He snapped photos of people in their twenty-somethings with their elders, either a parent or a grandparent. Then the two family members exchanged outfits and had their photo taken again. Would you…

Guys: Here’s How To Give Yourself A Fresh New Look For 2016

Now that 2016 is well under way, you’ll be looking to make good those new year’s resolutions you made last year. If one of them is to reinvent yourself, you might think that you’ve got an ambitious task ahead. After all; it’ll take a lot of work to make a “version 2.0” of yourself!