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Spring Clean Your Look

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If you’re starting to feel like winter will never end, the good news is that spring is finally around the corner. It’s been a long winter this year, but there’s plenty to look forward to for the coming season. Want to update your style? Spring clean your look this seasons with these top tips. Read the rest of this entry


Ho, Ho, Holiday Must- Haves from Brooklyn Cloth

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Stumped by what to get the guys in your life this holiday season? Here are The Guy Corner NYC’s best guy gifts that you can order from Brooklyn Cloth in just a click.

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Refreshing Your Image

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Autumn is the perfect time to think about refreshing your image. You need to switch into colder weather clothing anyway, so why not go shopping and make some changes? One problem many men have is knowing where to start. You’ve had the same hairstyle and worn the same kinds of clothes, if not literally the same clothes, for years. It can be hard to change things up without feeling silly or out of your depth. Here are some great tips to help you.

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The Modern Guy’s Guide To Dressing Well

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If you ever find yourself having trouble knowing exactly how to dress, or what should and shouldn’t be in your wardrobe, then you are far from alone. Most modern men struggle with these issues, and they are not always easily resolved, which is why it is often important to take a look at some advice offered up by the professionals. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly swayed by fashions and trends, you might still need to pay attention to what is going on once in a while if you want to look the part. And in your professional and private lives, looking the part often has its uses. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can dress with a little more style.

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How Your Style Affects Your Mood

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We tend to think about our chosen fashion styles as reflective of our inner selves. Our mood and our confidence can all be communicated to others using the fashion styles we choose to wear. While it’s important to bear this in mind, the link between style and mood isn’t always quite as simple as this.

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