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Gadgets That Every Man Should Play With!

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One thing that we can rightly say we love – are gadgets. There is so much variety out there, whether it be some kind of robot that brings us beer, or even just one of those tiny lasers on the keyring (which never gets old!!). You’d be amazed at the inventions that are out there nowadays – now more than ever all thanks to how advanced technology has become. You can get your hands on virtually anything, and if it doesn’t yet exist, it’ll be in the making.

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Cleep: The Best Moments Are Seized Hands-Free

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Not all experiences are easy to record. Some things are to be lived without holding your smartphone or camera, there are colors to see, sounds to hear, emotions to feel… cherished memories that you couldn’t show or share with others.

Until now. Here comes Cleep.

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Are You Using The Right Phone For Your Needs?

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Everyone has a smartphone these days. Well, anyone who is interested in technology and is not stuck in the dark ages owns a smartphone, anyway. With smartphones, they can and do revolutionise the way we live our lives and allow us to get on with jobs, tasks and actions quicker and much more efficiently. For example, if you are cooking a meal because family or friends are coming around for dinner, and your oven clock is broken, you could set an alarm on your phone for the specific and required timings of particular dishes, meaning that you will not have to worry about your meal being ruined by the food being in the oven longer than it is needed to. Or, another example could be that you have recently taken up a new fitness programme such as jogging and you would like to map out your route but do not have the faintest idea how to do so. To conquer this, you could download an app on your phone which tracks your route and allows you to see how far you have jogged, and what distance you have covered. Your smartphone can even allow you to eliminate those hunger pangs that you get if you had a busy day at work and have not had the chance to eat yet. You can download apps which allow you to order food, straight to your door or straight to the office. As you can see, owning a smartphone can genuinely enable your life to be so much easier, and if you have not got a smartphone then you could be missing out on the opportunity to live a much easier, and modern life.

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Homeboy Security Camera: A Thorough Review

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The newer generation of security cameras isn’t only smarter, but also a lot more convenient to have at home. They are easy to install, portable and can even work as a stand-alone security system.

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ALLie Camera Integrates YouTube Enabled 360-Degree Live Streaming

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ALLie Camera users can now live stream their 360-degree content on YouTube live streaming service

Alongside the launch of IC Real Tech’s new ALLie Camera today, the company announced the integration of the ALLie Camera with YouTube – enabling any user to live stream 360-degree video on YouTube. With its launch, the ALLie Camera becomes the world’s first 360-degree everyday use camera with 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capturing, social sharing and virtual reality (VR) viewing capabilities – allowing users to see it all, all the time, no matter where they are.

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