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Get Super Motivated To Get Your Summer Body

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We’ve all been there, that moment of panic, after months of covering up, realising that the summer months are approaching and it’s time to start peeling off those layers. We naturally eat more over the colder months as our bodies go into a sort of hibernation mode, so by the time the summer hits, we are never usually feeling particularly prepared for the flesh revealing weather that this seaon brings with it and with that we can feel a little demotivated to do anything about it. So here are our top tips for getting motivated to work off that extra winter weight and have you confidently strutting around in your favourite summer outfit in no time at all.

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Tech At The Beach?

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The summer will soon be hotting up, and family and friends are going to want to spend time with you outdoors. There are two choices here. Go unplugged, or go ruggedized. If you know that a bit of fresh air and sunshine might actually do you some good, then get out there. You can take your tech if you really can’t bear to disconnect. But would you take it somewhere like the beach?

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Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinking

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We all get to a point in our lives when getting annihilated on beer just isn’t fun anymore. The hangovers hurt more and you’re more likely to end up snoozing in a dark corner than doing shots at the bar with the rest of the boys. Of course, I’m not saying we don’t all like a beer or two when the time is right, but bachelor parties should be about everyone coming together to have fun, not spend the whole night half-naked or with your head down the toilet!

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It’s Summer, So Let’s Get The Kids Outside!

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After what might have seemed like an endless winter with no spring, summer is finally here. You know what that means? It’s time to get the kids out in the garden and start getting them active again. In the winter, the retreat inside and watch TV, play games or hog the computer. Now, they can go and enjoy the sun, get the vitamin D and have some fun with friends. However, for most kids, you will need to give them a firm nudge out the door. Otherwise, they will spend all their time inside and miss the summer season completely. This can get annoying, particularly, when they are off school for weeks on end. Here are some great ideas to get your kids to have some fun in the sun. Read the rest of this entry

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