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The Outdoorsman You’ve Always Wanted To Be: A Guide

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Whether you agree with it or not, masculinity is often associated with taking part in outdoor activities and being able to survive in harsh environments. Of course, to start with this can seem very intimidating especially if you don’t know a crampon from a bear trap. However, I’m here to break it down for you into much easier bite-size pieces. Read on to find out more.
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AXE® Continues The Find Your Magic Initiative With Launch Of “Senior Orientation”

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The high school experience can be painful. The atmosphere of the hallways, locker rooms, parties and social media channels often push insecurities to the forefront as young guys struggle to figure out who they are within the confines of “who they’re supposed to be.”

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More Daylight, More Magic

AXE Advanced Collection

AXE® Celebrates Spring Equinox with Technology Designed to Protect Guys’ All-Day Style

As yesterday marks the Spring Equinox, longer days and warmer temps test guys’ looks and they need more from their products in order to dial-up their personal style. Now guys can take full advantage of the 12 hours of sunlight with the AXE Advanced Collection, including the first-ever men’s body washes in the U.S. to feature 12-hour touch-release technology.

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Let AXE Help You Feel Your Best With Their New Gift Packs

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Hey guys, we all want to be properly groomed and smell nice for the lady in our lives, or maybe for a lady who we want in our lives. Well, AXE and their line of  male grooming products is offering a variety of gift packs so guys can get everything they need, all-in-one to kick up their grooming routines in the new year including shampoos/conditioners, body washes and body sprays/antiperspirants. Gift packs range from $10-15 and are available at most drug stores and mass retailers such as Walmart and Target.

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