How To Make The Most Of Your Smartphone

Smartphones are like digital Swiss army knives, but they are more versatile and functional than pocketknives in the twenty-first century. Chances are you know what your smartphone can do for you, but there are many capabilities that people don’t know about. Find out more below. 

RedMagic Unveiled RedMagic 6 Series Tencent Edition In China

Developed together with Tencent Games, RedMagic announced today the newest iteration of its mobile gaming flagship line, the Tencent edition of RedMagic 6 and 6 Pro devices. Featuring an ultra smooth 165Hz refresh rate gaming display, a unique active cooling system and cutting-edge mobile gaming performance, the Tencent RedMagic 6 Series aims to bring a…

Lifestyle Reasons To Avoid Apple Products

As I know I will get grief for this post, let me preface by saying, I use an iPhone and use Windows based laptops/computers. I have been using an iPhone for many years and certainly see it’s shortfalls. Working with Verizon over the years, I have tested out my share of iPhone and Android phones….

Why Are Apple Products So Popular?

Apple products are famous around the world, more so in the West than the East. Nevertheless, they often receive their fair share of criticism. In the most recent iOS update, Apple made a huge deal out of home screen widgets. Fans of these devices rejoiced, while Android users scratched their heads. This was a basic…

Are You Using The Right Phone For Your Needs?

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Well, anyone who is interested in technology and is not stuck in the dark ages owns a smartphone, anyway. With smartphones, they can and do revolutionize the way we live our lives and allow us to get on with jobs, tasks and actions quicker and much more efficiently. For…