Moving Past The Challenges Of Fatherhood

Fatherhood, like manhood, can be a tricky concept to fully explore and explain. There are many schools of thought on either topic. Manhood, for instance, is increasingly being reduced to the point where masculine traits can sometimes be seen as overbearing and brash, instead of a healthy, honorable means of raising young boys to have…

2020 World Car Finalists Heading to New York

Top Three in the World Announced The World Car Finals countdown continues with the “Top Three In The World” finalists’ announcement. The nominees, selected by a jury of 86 distinguished international automotive journalists, are heading to the New York International Automobile Show next month for the final announcement.

Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt Edition: The Review

We know safety is your biggest concern when it comes to your home. I am always looking into ways that can better keep my home safe while providing me a way to monitor it even when I am away from home. Now you can protect your home and enjoy a peace of mind with Lockly….

Top 10 Tips To Choose Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

A night out with the squad feels good until that ‘just one drink’ turns into a cycle of repeating drinks and the hangover kicks in, the next morning. Then you utter the magical phrase, “I am never drinking again”. Of course, we all know that ‘never’ is just a week away. Alcohol is a big…

7 Occasions In Life To Celebrate With A Cigar

I used to smoke cigars more often but over time, those opportunities became few and far between. This got me thinking that I would smoke them on certain occasions. Some occasions are worth feeling good about, but then some occasions are worth celebrating with a cigar. It may sound like a cliche, but there is…