RedMagic Unveiled RedMagic 6 Series Tencent Edition In China

Developed together with Tencent Games, RedMagic announced today the newest iteration of its mobile gaming flagship line, the Tencent edition of RedMagic 6 and 6 Pro devices. Featuring an ultra smooth 165Hz refresh rate gaming display, a unique active cooling system and cutting-edge mobile gaming performance, the Tencent RedMagic 6 Series aims to bring a…

Smart Home Features Every Guy Should Invest In This Year

With more time spent at home, many guys are thinking of ways they can make their spaces more attractive and functional. Perhaps it’s simply realizing that you need upgrades for a work-from-home lifestyle, improve your at-home entertainment, or go green, now is the time to consider investing in smart home features. With so many new…

Simply Smart Home Frames: The Review

Everyone loves to show off their favorite photos. There are many photo frames out there on the market that will allow you to show off those memories to anyone who visits you at home. Simply Smart Home Frames are no different EXCEPT, they make sure even the least technical person can get started from set…

Lifestyle Reasons To Avoid Apple Products

As I know I will get grief for this post, let me preface by saying, I use an iPhone and use Windows based laptops/computers. I have been using an iPhone for many years and certainly see it’s shortfalls. Working with Verizon over the years, I have tested out my share of iPhone and Android phones….

FUGOO Tough 2.0: The Review

Fugoo, a speaker company I introduced you guy (and girls) to back in early 2015 is back with an update to their original rugged Bluetooth speaker that is built to play through your outdoor adventures and extreme conditions. The 2.0 comes with some new improvements I am sure you would love. We sure did.