Feel The Beat Of Kansas City, Heart Of America

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. June, traveler readiness to fly steadily increases for both domestic and  international flights. By then, 52 percent of travelers said they’d be ready for a domestic flight. In a survey of more than 3,200 TripIt users based in the U.S., 94 percent of  respondents said they plan to travel in 2021. 

Best Apps For New Drivers

When you’re new to driving you’ll want to get out there and explore. As a beginner, you might be glad of some support, and there are plenty of apps that can be helpful for new drivers. From checking your tire pressure to finding your parked car, these applications can help you to have a better…

7 Motorist Practices For Increased Road Safety

Every individual uses the road regardless of their sex, religion or creed, status, or educational background. This being the case, it is nearly impossible to control the actions of other motorists. Your safety on the road is therefore highly dependent on how you operate your vehicle. 

3 Things That You Should Know About SR22 Insurance

Not many people know about SR22 insurance, until they’ve had a tangle with the legal system. Even if you’ve heard the term SR22 insurance, you still might be a bit confused about what it is all about and how it can affect you. If you are a driver and you are eager to get back…

The Best Cars For Families

When you have a family, buying a car takes on many different factors that you need to take into account. The affordability, the miles per gallon, the space and the seats inside the car. The boot space and more, buying a car for a family can be a real pain. However, do not despair! This…