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Grilled Fajita Skirt Steak

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OK, so I noticed I have been slacking on some foodie posts. Let’s face it, I love my food. Mexican food is a big favorite of mine. While many people will make their fajitas with flank steak but really should be made with skirt steak. In fact, the word “fajita” is a derivation of the Spanish word “faja” which translates to “belt” or “girdle” in English. A skirt steak comes from the lower central area of the cow, specifically from the plate to rib area. This inexpensive cut of meat is great paired with this citrus- chili marinade that tenderizes while adding flavor and zest! Get ready to enjoy.

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Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl™ DUO With Auto-iQ Boost: The Review

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First off I would like to say sorry for the delay on this review. We are sure you have seen Nutri Ninja informercials at least once in your life and if you don’t already own one of their line of products you have wondered how goo they are. I can confirm that after the recommended minute of blending, the Nutri Ninja truly delivers a finely blended smoothie. I have fruit salad daily Monday-Friday decided to take my fruit to the Nutri Ninja and it did not disappoint.

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Manly Double Meatloaf

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The holidays are coming and from now till New Years it is an eat-fest but no one really rolls out a meatloaf to the holiday table. The customary feast is ruled by those grand baked orbs: turkey and ham. Bah. Pound for pound, neither of those — despite the hours in the oven and all that carving — can match a good meat loaf in intensity of flavor and crowd-pleasing potential. The rich kernels of fat in the ground meats seep and bubble throughout it, spreading flavor like the white ribbons in a well marbled steak. Meat loaf is beautiful. Plus, it’s cheap as hell and easy to make.

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In Need of a New Hobby? Give These A Whirl

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“So, what are your hobbies?” Such a simple question, but one that fills so many of us with dread. It could be at a job interview, on a date or just meeting someone new. If sitting around in your underwear, binge-watching Netflix and eating pizza all weekend counted as a hobby then we’d all be set, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case! When you were young, you probably took part in a ton of activities you enjoyed. But as you get older and demands from work and family life increase it can be a struggle fitting anything in. However, it’s important to do so. Hobbies aren’t just great for the enjoyment factor, but they can also build skills and even improve your confidence. If you want to add a bit of variety to your life and start up a new hobby, here are a few you could try.

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Easy Thin Crust Ham & Pineapple Pizza

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Every Christmas Eve/Christmas Day I make my grandmothers family Sicilian Pizza. I enjoy making it every year and would love to make it more often but the biggest time aspect is making the dough from scratch. Many people have said to me, why don’t you buy the dough from the pizzeria. My response is “This is how my grandmother made it so that is how I am going to make it.” Though that is also the reason I make it once a year.

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