Signature Kitchen Suite Demonstrates Smart Kitchen Tech At CE WEEK 2019

Connected Design Home Pavilion Features Wine Column Refrigerator with ‘True Sommelier’ App Powered by WineRing, Pro Range with Innit ‘Adaptive Cooking’ Technology Signature Kitchen Suite, the new luxury brand that leads innovation in the high-end kitchen appliance market, is demonstrating smart kitchen advances with industry-leading partners WineRing and Innit at CE Week 2019.

Char-Broil Commercial TRU-Infrared 4-Burner Gas Grill: The Review

We are early into my favorite foodie time of year. BBQ season! There is nothing like a good BBQ whether it is hamburgers & hot dogs, steaks and sausage or chicken and just enjoying the backyard. There is almost anything that can go on a grill if you put some imagination into it. Grilling isn’t…

Four Modern Life Skills Every Adult Needs To Know

Everyone knows that sometimes, adulting is hard. With responsibility bearing down on you, a career to manage and the stress of our ultra-connected, fast-paced lifestyles it’s little wonder that we don’t always feel in control. As children we imagined that adults had all the answers, but as we teach adulthood ourselves we see that is…

Ardbeg And French Cheeses: The Pairing

International Whisk(e)y Day was first announced in 2008 and falls on 27 March each year. The name is used with the parenthesis to indicate support of Scottish, Canadian, and Japanese whiskies (no e) as well as Irish and American whiskeys (with an e). International Whiskey Day was launched in 2009 at the Whiskey Day Festival…

Indulging In Every Aspect Of Your Spare Time

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus believed that pleasure was the greatest good. In his interpretation of hedonism, pleasure is its sole intrinsic goal, which is achieved through the combination of the absence of fear and pain and a state of tranquility and satisfaction.