Guzzle Your Wine With The Guzzle Buddy

Pouring is BORING, It’s time you get with the times: PLUG IT and CHUG IT! Have you ever opened a Bottle of wine and just started chugging without pouring it into a glass? Of course you have. I think every wine fan has done it at least once in their lives. Don’t worry. We won’t…

New York Beer Fest Returning To Citi Field May 4

The annual NY Beer Fest will be returning to Citi Field for the second time on Saturday, May 4th. Come and enjoy the weekend with friends and family featuring seasonal spring beers from dozens of craft breweries. The event includes unlimited beer tastings along with games and live entertainment throughout the ballpark.

Hops And Props Craft Beer Festival Returns To Cradle Of Aviation Museum

The Hops and Props Craft Beer Festival presented by Garden Social returns to the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City on Saturday, February 9th.  The event will feature over 40 craft breweries and a variety of over 100 distinct beers.  Local businesses and food vendors will also be on site.

Create Your Perfect Bachelor Pad With These Amazing Tips

Most men dream about living in man cave or a stylish bachelor pad. Whether this is on their own or together with a few of their closest friends, one of the main requirements for any bachelor pad is that it has to look good. It should ooze style and sophistication, and then you know it…

How To Recognize You’ve Got A Problem With Alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink every now and again. In fact, there’s often nothing more enjoyable than a beer with the lads. However, there are several million Americans struggling with an alcohol problem, so how can you tell whether you’re another statistic? A good rule of thumb to consider is that if you’re already wondering whether you’ve got a problem you probably have.