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The Impact Of 3D Printing Car Parts On The Consumers

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Not everyone is aware of 3D printing, but when they do they will be surprised about it. Having most of the items in the world to be printed in a 3D printer is astonishing or overwhelmingly surprising that most people are not quite ready for it. But before knowing what people think about what this 3D printing business is all about, let’s see how it went through through the automotive industry.

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The Best Ways To Save Money On Expensive Purchases

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When you think of expensive purchases, what do you usually think? Houses, cars, computers, televisions? They’re all very popular items that cost a tonne of money and we have very few ways of reducing their costs—or so you might think. There are actually many ways to lower the costs of expensive equipment, so to give you a hand, here are a couple of ways in which you can save money on those necessary purchases.

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The Average American Spends 2.5 Days Each Year Looking For Lost Items

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We’ve all had that morning where we are running late because we can’t seem to remember the “safe” place we last left our keys. According to the “Lost & Found Survey” by Pixie, a smart location solution for iPhones that uses augmented reality to actually SHOW the location of misplaced objects, this is a common occurrence with Americans spending 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items. The top misplaced item is the TV remote (more than 71% of us lose the remote at least once a month) closely followed by phones, car and house keys, glasses, and shoes!  What’s more, we collectively spend $2.7 billion each year replacing items, and more than half of us are regularly late for work or school due to frustrating searches.

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Best Summer Sipping Beers From The Spring Craft Beer Fest

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Spring is finally here! Time to put away the porters and the stouts and get ready for light, crisp, refreshing beers you will want to drink all summer long. Two big trends in the craft beer industry right now are beers made with tea and fruit flavored beers. Here are some of my top selects from Spring Craft Beer Festival.

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Do You Need To Upgrade Your Car? The Answer Is Probably Yes

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In England, there is a saying: an Englishman’s home is his castle. Perhaps the latent feeling of everyone being a king is a romanticized longing for a time when feudalism was the organizing force of society and many men were born into absolute power. Perhaps the English still feel that their imperial past (at its height, the British Empire covered one third of the world) entitles them to some feeling of superiority. Or maybe it is just something about being a man that makes you feel that where you live is yours and you will defend it. Either way, many men feel this way about their car too. It is no surprise that some guys will spend half their weekend outside cleaning and polishing their most prized possession. That is, if the car is something to be proud of. If you have an old, near defunct piece of rubbish that you are embarrassed to be seen driving around town in, then it makes sense that you wouldn’t put as much time into caring for it.  If that is the case, then maybe it is time for you to get an upgrade. An impressive car is something that every guy should have, and here’s why:

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