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Restaurant Review: Marbella Restaurant


Sometimes it’s nice to take a second and relax. Dinner is one of these times. Recently, the LIB team made it out to Bayside to try the Boro’s best Paella at Marbella’s Restaurant. We were not disappointed!

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Good Seed Sprouting Wholesome Meals & Tasty Treats In Midtown

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Good Seed’s beautifully designed space is the perfect backdrop to showcase their menu of innovative, farm-to-table salads, grain bowls, and “picnic baskets” that promise to keep lunch breakers coming back for more.

As the winter chill leaves the air and seedlings are blooming all around the city, Good Seed is offering the same delight to hungry lunch breakers. The new eatery, whose fresh space and focus on clean, wholesome, healthy and even indulgent menu options provides a welcome respite from the daily grind. The bright and airy 3,200 square foot space offers diners an escape from the moment they enter the queue, which is framed by a farm-fresh marketplace filled with specialty food and snack items, to the second they sit at one of the reclaimed wood tables in the dining area. Guests can shop the carefully curated mix of gourmet items from local farmers markets, artisans and small family businesses, or choose one of th e expertly crafted, homemade dishes.

With a focus on quality, wholesome meals, and a fine attention to detail, the eatery conveys a sense of well being and an atmosphere to refresh and recharge. After a meticulous process of menu creation, Good Seed is finally sharing its innovative selection of signature salads, healthful grain bowls, and a rotating cast of “picnic baskets” with hungry New Yorkers. These chef-crafted plates evoke the comfort of a home-cooked meal with straight-from-the-garden taste and quality.

Good Seed is the brainchild of three families with deep roots in food and hospitality. Together, Richard Greenstein, Howard Novick and Ronnie Portnoy combined their expertise in the food and hospitality industries to build a successful Midtown Manhattan franchise business. They’re now teaming up with the next generation, Daniel and Lee Novick, Daniel and Dayna Greenstein, and Eric Portnoy to launch Good Seed. This family endeavor is rooted in dreams and vision for future generations, and family care and quality can be felt in details throughout the Good Seed experience.

Good Seed is a lunchtime favorite without ever feeling routine. Monday, a guest might choose Lee Novick’s favorite salad, the Chimichurri Steak, a mix of perfectly grilled steak with thick smoked bacon, roasted crimini mushrooms and greens tossed in a chimichurri vinaigrette. Tuesday, perhaps it’s an Orchard Greens salad, filled with organic mesclun, green apples, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, shaved fennel, Brussels sprouts and crumbled goat cheese, topped with a zesty Meyer lemon vinaigrette. The expertly curated menu boasts enough variety to suit all palates, and hints of indulgence are interlaced into the healthy fare. In addition to the salads, seasonal picnic baskets, entrée style main dishes with two sides, as well as a large selection of grain bowls will be available. Some of the ever-changing basket options include Herb Roasted Chicken with Tuscan Kale Salad and Israeli Couscous, or Grilled Salmon with Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower and Apple-Zucchini Quinoa. Good Seed’s locally sourced ingredients bring the freshest farm-to-table goodness to the heart of the city, and with a focus on quality, you can be sure Good Seed stands up to its name.

The airy and large space boasts clean lines, warm hues, and a minimal, natural aesthetic. With a seating area secluded from the queue that features 24 seats and locally sourced reclaimed wood tables, and window bar seating for 8, there is plenty of space for diners to indulge in the relaxing, inviting environment. The atmosphere is in the details-think touches of seasonal greenery and thoughtfully placed diffused lighting glistening through an architectural frame. As diners proceed through the queue, they come upon a green display wall that turns the produce itself into a standout design feature that showcases new ingredients with the changing seasons.

The experience continues at the market shelving, where guests can peruse a selection of healthy snacks, fresh fruit and branded merchandise. The calming and restorative ambiance is enhanced by a personally curated soundscape, ranging from softer classic rock, to hip-hop, to indie pop; and the cheerful, engaging Good Seed employees top off the midday-getaway experience.

The attention to detail and quality exist far beyond the escape-like atmosphere and impeccable menu as Good Seed also gives back to local schools in the community. By joining forces with Edible Schoolyard NYC, Good Seed is helping to teach students the importance of healthy eating, and sharing ways to incorporate fresh and local produce into their diets.

Good Seed is maximizing the lunch hour by transporting diners to a restorative retreat while offering them the highest quality chef-crafted meals made from truly good seeds. On March 20th, Good Seed will open its doors to the public and give away either a free salad, bowl or picnic basket to each customer throughout the day. Donations will be made to Edible Schoolyard.

Good Seed is sprouting at 213 West 35th Street, New York, NY, on March 20th and is serving wholesome meals from 10:30am-10:00pm seven days a week. For more information, please visit

Supercharge Your Morning Commute

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Have you ever wondered how much time you spend traveling to and from work each year? If your commute takes an hour a day, over the course of a year, this equates to around ten days, depending on vacation time. Ten full days spent traveling! Imagine what you could do with that time? Rather than wasting it, sitting and idly daydreaming, make the most of your commute to improve your body and mind.

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Paqui One Chip Challenge: Challenge Accepted

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So back in September my son said “since you like spicy foods you should try the One Chip Challenge by Paqui Chips. The Paqui Carolina Reaper Chip is a tortilla chip sprinkled in the dust of a Carolina Reaper Pepper (2.2M Scoville units).

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Give Your Life the Makeover It’s Long Deserved

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Have you, over the past number of years, felt that you have fallen into somewhat of a rut? Have you just been going through the motions and not really doing much else than being a husband and a father? Do you ever feel as if you need to do something completely different? But a makeover doesn’t just have to mean tending to your skin, it also means tending to those things that make you the man you are. Here are a few of the areas that you should target in your life makeover.

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