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5 Memorial Day Must Haves From Brooklyn Cloth


One of The Guy Corner NYC’s favorite clothing lines is Brooklyn Cloth; this line is perfect for the laid back yet distinguished New Yorker.

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Getting Ready For A Date In 30 Minutes Flat!

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It’s the final countdown… Shhhhh! You don’t want the ladies to know it only took you 30 minutes. Maybe it’s playing in your head already, but getting ready for a date in record time sounds nigh on impossible! Unless you’re a bachelor playing the field, you might not have getting ready for a date down to a fine art just yet. But don’t panic, I am here to guide you, minute by minute, and by minute 30, you will be looking damn fine! From unwashed to the Bill of the ball, you’ll be ready. Let’s do this!

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The Modern Bold Man: Standing Out By Choice

modern man, standing out, outfit, hairstyle, confidence

Humans have a tendency to want to group together. We want to be part of the tribe, accepted by society – it’s ingrained in us from the days when strength in numbers meant the difference between survival and the alternative option. True nonconformists – who genuinely have no care for what others think of them – are incredibly rare.

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The Latest Fashion Forward Looks For Men

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Spring is upon us and it’s a notoriously difficult season to dress for. Whilst womenswear has nailed the seasonal transition with floaty dresses, light cardigans, and chiffon shirts, menswear can be trickier. So whether you’re jetting off on holiday, lounging by the beach, or going to work, this guide has got you covered…

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Men’s Fashion, According To Millennials

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Millennials are now the largest generation in the world, with 80 million of them living here in the US alone. As always, these young people are driving trends, and their collective tastes are manipulating businesses more noticeably than ever. While millennials are all about breaking rules and undermining old conventions, there are certain sensibilities that almost all millennial men are following. Here are a few simple rules of style, according to the millennial generation…

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