Withings ScanWatch Horizon: The Review

I have always have been a fan of tech as well as fashion but when it came to a smart watch, I was never able to find something that combined the 2 well. Either it looked like a smart watch or it looked like a fashion piece, until now.

I have always been a fan of tech as well as fashion but when it came to a smart watch, I was never able to find something that combined the 2 well. Either it looked like a smart watch, or it looked like a fashion piece, until now.

The Withings ScanWatch Horizon is a smart watch housed in a non-smart watch stainless-steel and sapphire glass design. This was the biggest draw for me. Many people have complimented me on the watch.

I have used a Fitbit as well as an Apple watch in the past and though those watches have served me well, I wanted a watch that provided the smart watch functionality that I want without the constant buzzing and chimes to let me know that it was a smart watch and one that would stand out while wearing a nice suit. Some have complained about its weight but that (in my opinion) is not a problem.

The overall watch width for the 42mm version is 50mm. Check your wrist. The recommendation is always to have the watch not exceeding the width of your wrist. If your wrist is narrower, just go for the 38mm and it will look nice and classy.

By pressing the watch’s crown, you can easily display the digital screen hidden in the top half of the watch face. By turning the crown like you would a standard watch you scroll through the settings and health-tracking functions such as ECG, blood-oxygen saturation test and workout-monitoring, as well as viewing your heart rate, and daily step-count. This can also be seen on the Withings Health App on your phone.

Initially when testing the O2 measurements against a regular finger sensor, I noticed that it registered “inconclusive” or measuring low saturation levels. After reading up on this from others on line, the watch being too close to the wrist bones can trigger such a result. Simply moving the watch about 1cm away from the bone and making sure the fit was relatively tight the results were way more accurate and didn’t display “inconclusive”.

I did have a slight problem (compared to the Apple Watch) getting it to charge. This was due to its 2 contacts that have to be aligned properly for it to work. Once I adjusted that, charging was great and quick.

The battery lasts for days and days of wearing it constantly with the standard monitoring running. Battery depletes a bit faster when running ECGs and O2 measures, but not terribly fast. During my tests I noticed because I was running a test after the other, so overall the battery duration is impressive.

One feature I miss from my Apple watch is voice assistant. I would ask it things like the current weather or to make a call when my phone was on the table or charging.

Ultimately, if you want activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, enhanced sleep monitoring, ECG and O2 sat WHILE still wearing an attractive watch, this is hard to beat. If you don’t care about ECG, O2 and sleep disturbance tracking the Steel HR is the watch to get as it’s more or less the same just without those features and is cheaper. As to whether the ScanWatch is with the extra money over the Steel HR, I think that depends on how much you prioritize those extra features and battery life. If this would last a week plus on a charge, I’d say the extra hundred bucks is a no brainer. But battery life as it is… tougher call.


  • Classic luxury divers watch
  • Up to 30-day battery life
  • Great heath monitoring (heart rate, SpO2, breathing, and ECG monitors)


  • Lack of voice assistant
  • Lack of GPS

You can purchase the Withings Smart Watch Horizon on the Withings website.

Price: $499.95
Where to buy: Withings, Amazon

Disclosure: I received the Withings ScanWatch Horizon in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.


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