Best Summer Sips From The LI Craft Classic

The LI Craft Classic is Long Island's premiere outdoor craft beer, hard seltzer, and cider tasting event, held at Heckscher State Park in East Islip, NY. Here’s a list of the best boozy beverages sampled at the event.

The LI Craft Classic is Long Island’s premiere outdoor craft beer, hard seltzer, and cider tasting event, held at Heckscher State Park in East Islip, NY. Here’s a list of the best boozy beverages sampled at the event.


Game Up is a less carbonated hard seltzer made with a special blend of electrolytes and real fruit. If a hard seltzer and sports drink had a baby, it would be Game Up. The four flavors sampled were Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Grape. These seltzers have a 4.9% abv and are gluten-free. Stay hydrated and enjoy these flavor-forward hard seltzers.

Spider Bite Beer. Co. not only makes award-winning craft beers, they also sell sensational seltzers. Larry Goldstein, brewmaster and owner of Spider Bite Beer Co. created a Mandarin Seltzer that is gluten-free and sugar-free. Be sure to sample this citrusy spiked seltzer this summer.


The Riverhead Ciderhouse poured Apple Annie Cider and Strawberry Patch Cider. Apple Annie was proudly produced by their new cider maker Jiuan Micieli-Martinez. Savor the taste of ripe apples, balanced out by bright acidity and candied sweetness.

Hard Iced Tea

Great South Bay Brewery doesn’t just brew craft beers, they also make Tipsy Tea, Tipsy Lemonade, and Tipsy Punch. GSB Tipsy Tea is brewed with a blend of black and green teas, cane sugar, and natural lemon flavor. GSB Tipsy Lemonade is brewed in small batches with natural lemon juice and cane sugar for sweetness. To create an alcoholic Arnold Palmer, combine half Tipsy Tea and half Tipsy Lemonade for the perfect blend.

1940’s Brewing Company poured Tea ‘N It Up, Change at Jamaica, and In Bloom. Tea ‘N It Up is a peach iced tea brewed with select teas and peaches. If you like hard iced tea, definitely try Tea ‘N It Up.


The Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts poured a large selection of delicious homebrewed beers. One standout beer was One Love, Mon, a tropical stout with chocolate. This smokey stout was brewed by Joe and Beth Caiola and has a 8.5% abv. 

Handgrenades Homebrew and Craft Beer Club, poured American Wheat with Tea Lemon and Lactose, Lemon Berry Licious, Rear End Ryder Cider, and Summertime Sadness Saison. The sweet and strong Rear End Ryder Cider tastes like apple pie and has a 10% abv.

Craft Beer

Blue Point Brewery had four fantastic beers on tap including Imperial Sunshine, Summer Ale, Anytime Sunshine, and Toasted Lager. I highly recommend Imperial Sunshine, a hard-hitting tangy blonde ale brewed with oranges with a 9.6% abv.

Long Ireland Beer Company poured Beyond the Pale, Grandma Kisses, and Death or Glory. If you love sour beers, definitely try Grandma Kisses, a blueberry sour with a 5% abv and Death or Glory, a raspberry lemonade sour with a 4.8% abv.

DUBCO poured Jesse’s Girl, a Golden Ale brewed with cucumber, basil, and lemon balm. You’ll love the crisp and clean cucumber taste and herbal notes of this beer. This ale has a 6% abv, perfect for summertime sipping.

The Brewers Collective poured Fresh, an American Lager with organic garden mint. 

With a 5.2 % abv this lager is light and easy to drink. Cool off this sunny season with his refreshing herbal beer.

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