Mobile Pixels TRIO Max 14.1″ Portable Monitor: The Review

TRIO is easy to use with a design that simply magnetizes to the back of any laptop as a solution for the working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students just like you – always on the go.

In theory, the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max portable laptop monitor definitely has a lot going for it. With its magnetic set up it can work with most laptop sizes and specs, and its USB plug-in has proven that there is little to worry about from a hardware compatibility standpoint as well. In an environment where working from home is more common and needing to travel can often mean a laptop is the only way to get important work done, the TRIO Max offers a more comfortable dual-screen setup on the go.

To begin with, the strengths of the device are pretty clear right out of the box. The TRIO Max has a smooth, easy setup that involves placing magnets on the back of a laptop. This lets the actual monitor apparatus remain easy to remove if it’s not needed. The magnets are suctioned onto the laptop’s exterior, and simply sliding a credit card or something similar underneath can pop them off if they’re misplaced or need adjusting – also preserving the health of the laptop’s exterior and avoiding any sticky spots leftover after use.

A quick setup process involving an easy-to-find driver and an available USB port later, and the TRIO Max is good to go, and renders a crisp 60hz display at 14″. Through testing both streaming and gaming on the side monitor, its color range and refresh rate are on the premium side of its price range, with a strong performance in both categories – never mind the more likely scenarios of simply having a word document open on the screen.

The build quality of the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max is largely quite impressive, with a few caveats. The monitor itself slides out from the apparatus and is a little flimsy – in testing, putting more than a modicum of external pressure on either the top or the bottom of the screen felt like it risked damaging it. Its plastic finish also makes it feel less sturdy than a more metallic design may have, but the suction cup adhesion of the magnets that attach the monitor to the laptop are excellent and should hold it in place all but extreme situations.

The connection for the TRIO Max is a hybrid USB-C cable that then plugs into a USB-A adapter. This means the screen works with both ports, but the extension of the full cable with the adapter leaves it quite long while sitting in a port. In practice, this means taking extra care while opening or closing the laptop lid while it’s plugged into the back of the machine – curling the cable up can cause the USB-A adapter to bend, though the USB-C cable works much better and offers none of the same concerns over potential snags or bends.

Still, with some care and knowledge of these potential shortcomings, the TRIO Max exceeds expectations. As a monitor, it’s surprising just how well it performs even when using a USB input. The ability to curve the monitor is a considerable boon for creating pseudo-work stations that feel more enclosed, and the TRIO Max avoids the pitfall of many other laptop accessories by going with a discreet aesthetic rather than something loud.

All things considered, the premium price on the TRIO Max is worth the device consumers will receive – a solid piece of tech with surprising build quality, in spite of initial impressions from its plastic finish and concerns over cabling strength. The theory behind the TRIO Max design is equally as appealing in practice as it is in on paper. As a portable monitor, the TRIO Max offers a slew of innovative takes on a design that’s sorely needed for the next generation of users who will be doing most of their work either on the go or on laptops in office setups. A sturdier finish and equally resilient cabling would be logical steps forward for improvement but, even as is, it’s hard to argue with the value and convenience on offer from Mobile Pixels’ hardware.

The Mobile Pixels TRIO Max is available in both Dual Screen and Tri-Screen configurations from the official Mobile Pixels storefront. Screen Rant was provided with a TRIO Max Dual Screen for the purpose of this review.


  • 12.5″ | 14.1″ FHD or 1080P Display

Perfectly fit your laptop with two different size options

  • Auto-Rotation Display

Featured with G-sensor for auto-rotation

  • Triple Screen Mode

Clip two TRIOs/ TRIO MAXs to experience tri-screen mode

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

Any laptops, Nintendo Switch and Samsung DeX supported devices

  • Hybrid-Signal Input

Quick connectivity with any laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port

Disclosure: I received the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max 14.1″ Portable Monitor in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given


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